Emma Roberts Gets Her Hard Nipple Pinched

Emma Roberts gets her hard nipple pinched and played with in the disturbing video clip above from the TV series “American Horror Story”.

Us Muslims pity the poor man in this video, for being confronted with Emma Roberts’ erect tit toppers is certainly a harrowing experience… Thankfully it is fast becoming a uniquely American horror story. For all throughout Europe us Muslims are diligently working to suppress these sorts of blasphemous displays of female sexual arousal with the help of the holy burka and clit circumcisions.

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Yes Emma Roberts wouldn’t be in a constant state of arousal parading around her rock hard nips like this if her overactive sin button was ground down into a nub of desensitized scar tissue like a proper woman.

And even though Emma’s perky little titties are pleasingly unfeminine they still should be hidden away behind the protective covering of a thick black wool burka, instead of being put on display in slutty sports bras as in the video clip above.