Emma Watson Graphic Sex Tape Video Leaked

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A graphic sex tape video featuring “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson has just been leaked to the Web.

As you can see in the video below, this Emma Watson sex tape starts out with Emma naked in a whore’s bath discussing her “talents” with a fellow slut. Emma then proceeds to show exactly what those talents are in a video montage in which she takes a pounding in all 3 of her holes.

I must admit that the scene in which Emma Watson takes two cocks up her ass at once (a feat usually only performed by infidel men) does show quite a bit of talent. If Emma could fit just one more cock up there then her anus would almost be ready to accommodate the enormous meat scud of us virile Muslim men.

Yes this Emma Watson sex tape video certainly proves that she has a talent for f*cking. However, talent can only take you so far in this world. Luckily for Emma she also appears to be more than willing to put in the hard working needed (getting repeatedly nailed by random men) to make it as an all time whore.