Kate Upton Shaking Her Boobs

kate-upton, celeb-jihad

Kate Upton shakes her bulbous breasts while in a bikini in the GIF above.

Kate Upton is sending mixed messages in this GIF as her boobs are saying “no” but her head is saying “yes”. Obviously this is because someone asked her if she would like to have a Muslim run his mighty tunic snake up her tit valley. While this experience would be unimaginably pleasurable for Kate Upton overall, her boobs would no doubt be battered and bruised for weeks afterwards due to the enormous size and force of a Muslim’s mighty meat python.

Yes one can not blame Kate Upton’s boobs for shaking in fear at the thought of being pounded by us well endowed Muslim men. Unfortunately for them when we get our hands on Kate Upton we will not be asking their (or her) permission to pack our man IEDs in her tit ditch and then detonate all over her face.