Saffron Rose Strips Off To Help Endangered Butterflies (30 Photos)

Meet the model and animal activist who makes $45K a month, using her influence and money to raise awareness of endangered butterflies and educate men through OnlyFans.

Saffron Rose from California has over 35K dedicated followers on the site and over 31K on Instagram, where she regularly shares photos of herself.



Having worked in cosmetics as a licensed aesthetician for over a decade, Saffron claims she was “constantly being micro-managed”.

Unhappy with the industry’s competitive, underpaid nature and eager to be her boss, the 34-year-old swapped careers back in 2015.

She began as a cam girl before joining OnlyFans in 2017, desperate to be in charge of her working schedule.

At first, the model only made around $10 a month, but she’s now raking in the cash after she claims OnlyFans “exploded” in popularity in 2019, and she went from uploading content every week to multiple times a day.


Although the money is welcome, Saffron wants to use her fame and fortune for good, more specifically, to help animals.

Saffron has always loved nature and the outdoors, but she became particularly invested in monarch butterflies’ hardship in 2018. Saffron bought mesh butterfly enclosures online and brought her plant indoors to nurture the caterpillars.
Saffron began hosting fundraising events for charity once a month through her cam work and donated the funds to animal charities, but hopes to set up her non-profit charity for monarch butterflies in the future.

The model also gets her fans to join in by ‘sponsoring’ a butterfly to help out. Saffron also volunteers in monarch butterfly groves in Mexico.

Sadly, last year monarch butterfly numbers worldwide totaled less than 30,000, compared to the billions that would migrate to groves each year. In December 2020, monarch butterflies were added to the endangered species list, likely as they can only lay their eggs on milkweed plants, which gets killed off by harmful gardening chemicals.


While Saffron is happy to invite her fans into her environmentally-conscious world by sharing videos of the endangered species, the model insists she keeps her butterflies and men separate.

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