Taylor Swift Shares Her Sex Workout Secrets

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Taylor Swift is famous for her long lean bird like frame (which is the envy of many women in the morbidly obese infidel West), and now Taylor is sharing her workout secrets in the nude sex photo above.

As you can see from this photo of a naked Taylor gripping a bar while working up a sweat, the secret to her tight body is her steady regime of getting her sin holes pounded out in the gym. Besides her own depraved versions of the “snatch” and “clean and jerk” Olympic lifts, Taylor also focuses her workout around “cock thrusters”, “weighted anal plunges”, and of course good old fashioned fisting.

According to Taylor’s trainer Dick Johnson these exercises target Taylor’s most important muscle groups in her labia, pelvic floor, sphincter, and core. Not to mention that on “deep throat Thursday” Taylor really hits her workout hard to perfect her gag reflex, and she can reportedly swallow a full 16 inches on a standard barbell.